Period holiday farmhouse in South Yorkshire sleeping 24 guests

Our Alpacas

Anita and Shaun

The Owners

Walk an Alpaca cost per person leading an Alpaca £20 up to 8 people to lead.

Walking in the group but not leading an Alpaca £5 each person.

Alpaca Walks for up to an hour, you may walk with one of our beautiful Alpacas down winding country lanes, for a drink at the local, and home again, contact Shaun on arival to book, during your stay.

Adjacent to our farm cottage, Anita and Shaun have a beautiful herd of Alpacas, which you can arrange with us to visit and are a great attraction for the children when staying at the house.

Feeding by hand is available too.

Fleeces available to buy in many colours for home spinning, and knitting. from £20 for white, £25 coloured.

We have different colour Stud males of the very well known Snowmass genetics, and we often have breeding females, and pregnant, ladies with Cria at foot for sale. Please do contact us for more details


Facts about Alpacas

  • Native to the high Andes Mountain countries of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, the Alpaca is an animal with a thick, dense, crimpy fiber and resembling a teddy bear when in full coat
  • Cousins to camels, llamas, guanacos, and vicunas. They are smaller than llamas and guanacos, but larger than vicunas
  • Alpaca fiber is classified as a rare specialty fiber, with the fleece is prized for its fineness, lightness in weight, luster, and hypo-allergenic properties. Alpaca clothing and home products are pure luxury
  • The cuddly, adorable, curious, and fun nature of the alpaca provides many hours of enjoyment and entertainment for their owners, friends, and family
  • They have universal appeal to both children and adults, are easily trained and gentle enough to be handled by children.